At TCS we believe that everyone has the power to create and innovate. And hence our product speak the for us. Innovation is the key of company’s Growth. Below are few innovation by our company.

Travel Soft

Travel Soft – Travel Slippers Fold and Go Travel Slippers. Make yourself right at home while travelling by slipping your feet into these cozy slippers.


Allergy & Smell Free

Weight - 110gms

Made from Imported Approved Eva based material

Soft & Comfortable & available in attractive colours

Unique ``fold and go`` design for travel and home


Plantina is newly designed Pot with by the inspiration of contributing to the mother earth by saving water and making sure the plants in your house stay green all the time. The Pot is designed in such way you don’t have to water the plants for 10 days because of the water storage at the bottom of the pot.

Plantina 1

Plantina 2

Plantina 3

It’s important to give your mind/body ample time to recover.