Plantina is newly designed pot with an inspiration of contributing to the mother earth by saving water and making sure the plants in your house stay green all the time. The Pot is designed in such a way,  you don’t have to water the plants for 10 days because of the water storage at the bottom of the pot.


Working :

Make sure that you have an organically enriched soil for its sustainability and stronger health of the plant.

So put lumps of soil in the pot over the inner tray layered by a fine textured soil on top of it. While adding water to the plant from the pipe, 5 Ltrs of water passes down the junction and remains in ground area of the pot for almost 7 days .

The Open space is meant for absorption of the water by the soil according to the requirements of the plant. The Capillary action provides the water which is required by plant and avoid excess watering to the plant.


No watering of the plant for almost 7 days

Water Saving Concept

Keeps your plant healthy and Green

Saves Time

Come in attractive colours

Video Testimonials

What is the benefit of pop over to this company such activities to the retirees themselves and to the society.